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The Weapon, pages 3 to 33

1. Who trained Cornish McManus?
(a) John Waynewright
(b) Joe Manton
(c) John Byam
(d) Richard Allen Mesinger

2. Who built the rifle discussed in the novel?
(a) John Waynewright
(b) Cornish McManus
(c) Joe Manton
(d) John Byam

3. John Waynewright spends most of his time studying what aspect of rifle construction?
(a) Engraving
(b) Improving the lock
(c) Stock fitting
(d) The process of rifling

4. What does rifling do for a rifle?
(a) Makes it easier to load
(b) Helps the powder burn more quickly
(c) Makes it easier to clean
(d) Spins the projectile, making it more accurate

5. According to the novel, what does a faster rate of spin do for a projectile?
(a) Makes it hit harder
(b) Makes it move faster
(c) Makes it move slower
(d) Makes it more accurate

6. During the Revolutionary war period, rifles that were very accurate were described by what adjective?
(a) Hot
(b) Gilt-edged
(c) Sweet
(d) Perfect

7. During the Revolutionary war period a typical rifle was accurate at what distance?
(a) 100 yards
(b) 50 to 60 yards
(c) 1,000 yards
(d) 50 feet

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