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Lesson 1 (from The Weapon, pages 3 to 33)


Thinking about Colonial manufacturing.

In this section of the novel the narrative focuses to a great length on the manufacturing processes used during Colonial times. Students should gain an expanded understanding of modern manufacturing techniques by comparing and contrasting them with the techniques discussed in the novel.


Cornish McManus manufactures guns by making one piece at a time by hand, then assembling each piece by hand. Why doesn't he "specialize" and buy pieces from people that make just those pieces? Why doesn't he use machinery? Why does he work by candlelight? Why does he use such strange components--Cow's urine and bear's grease, for example--to complete the work?

This assignment works best as a directed discussion because most students probably do not know very much about either Colonial or modern manufacturing techniques.

In today's markets, pieces are mass produced by specialists. The high degree of accuracy...

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