The Rifle Character Descriptions

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The Rifle

An anthropomorphosized object that links numerous characters together throughout the narrative.

Richard Mesington

His life is cut short by an accidental discharge of the rifle.

Cornish McManus

A colonial-era gunsmith who built a very good weapon by spending many long hours in the workshop.

John Byam

A crack shot who trades a year's worth of pack hides to obtain an accurate rifle. He uses the rifle during the American Revolutionary war until he dies from dysentery.


She steals a famous rifle from a dead man and hides it in her attic, where it remains for many years.

John Waynewright

A colonial-era gunsmith who is technically proficient but lacks the vision and passion to create truly great rifles.

Tim Harrow

He buys a weapon at a gun show and later trades the weapon to an auto mechanic. He is described in unusual detail.

Harv Kline


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