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The Weapon, pages 3 to 33

• Cornish McManus establishes his own gun shop and begins making rifles.
• McManus begins working on a particularly ornate rifle; he spends much time and attention crafting a truly superior weapon of great accuracy.
• McManus falls in love and decides to marry; needing funds, he sells the accurate rifle to a fur trapper named John Byam.

The Weapon, pages 33 to 66

• Byam uses the rifle to shoot a British officer engaged in an American Revolutionary War atrocity.
• Byam joins McNarr's Rangers, a revolutionary irregular unit, to fight the British.
• Byam becomes a sort of folk hero because of his legendary skill with his amazing rifle--until he dies of dysentery.
• A woman named Sarah steals Byam's rifle and hides it in her attic, where it remains for decades until discovered by some children.
• The rifle changes hands several times until it is given to Harv Kline in...

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