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Short Answer Questions

1. What famous case did Judge Charles Older preside over?

2. Where does the undercover policeman testify about attending a meeting?

3. Brown shows Zanzibar a receipt for ____________.

4. Brown decided that he didn't want to attend the demonstration in August because ___________________.

5. Brown files for a new trial for ___________.

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

What were Nixon's views on the Chicano Movement? What effect did his election to President have on the movement?

Essay Topic 2

Why do the students think Brown chooses the cockroach to describe his own people? Why do groups, in general, use such derogatory terms in reference to themselves?

Essay Topic 3

In what way could the Grand Jury be seen as racist? How can Brown use this accusation against them? How has the Supreme Court tried to counter racism?

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