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Short Answer Questions

1. Robert told his mother that he had been arrested for __________.

2. For which newspaper does Brown say he is researching an article?

3. How does the owner get the group off his property?

4. Which of the following people do Brown and the others talk about killing?

5. What does the author say the Chicanos carry as weapons?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Robert Fernandez reportedly die?

2. Why is the Belmont hotel a place for Brown to live?

3. What are the results of Robert's autopsy?

4. What does Mickey De Silva say he remembers about the night Robert supposedly hanged himself?

5. How does the author describe the area surrounding St. Basil's church?

6. What problems do Brown and the law students cause Cardinal McIntyre in this section?

7. What does Brown arrange at the coroner's office?

8. What does the prisoner testify about the blankets?

9. How does Manny claim racism has stopped him from becoming famous?

10. Why did the police arrest Robert Fernandez?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What were Nixon's views on the Chicano Movement? What effect did his election to President have on the movement?

Essay Topic 2

Why do the students think Brown chooses the cockroach to describe his own people? Why do groups, in general, use such derogatory terms in reference to themselves?

Essay Topic 3

Aside from the main character, examine the way the author uses the other characters in the book. When does he introduce and take them away from the story? What effect does this have on the story?

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