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Tooner Flats

This is a barrio where Mexican-Americans live in the East side of Los Angeles.

St. Basil's Church

This is a Roman Catholic Church located on Wilshire Boulevard in a wealthy part of Los Angeles.

Canogo Park

This is a suburb of Los Angeles located in the San Fernando Valley.


This is a town in California located north of Los Angeles.

Belmont Hotel

This is at Third and Hill Streets in Los Angeles. It is where Brown lives when he first arrives in Los Angeles.

Garfield School

This was the site of a strike by the Chicano Militants.

Glass House

This is the name used to refer to the jail where the thirteen Chicanos are being held.


This is a Mexican resort where Brown goes after the East Los Angeles Thirteen appellate verdict clears the Chicano Militants.

Laguna Park

This is where the East Los...

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