The Revolt of the Cockroach People Character Descriptions

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Buffalo Zeta Brown - This person graduated from law school in 1966 at the University of California and worked at Legal Aid Office in the East Oakland slums.

Gilbert Rodrequez - This person's headquarters is in the basement of an Episcopalian church in Tooner Flats. He was one of the people who was instrumental in the bombing of the Los Angeles courthouse after the end of the Tooner Flats Seven trial.

Sergeant Armas - He is the police officer in charge of the Los Angeles SOC Squad, which handled the Christmas Eve riot at St. Basil's. He told his men not to touch Brown because he was the lawyer of the rioters.

Mangas Coloradas - He was a part of the demonstration at the school and was indicted by a grand jury on charges of conspiracy to disrupt the schools. He was an ex-boxer who had received a...

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