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Chapter 1, pgs. 1-21

• It is Christmas Eve, and three hundred Chicanos gather in front of St. Basil's Church to demonstrate against the wealthy of Beverly Hills.

• The marchers have been told they can enter the church, but when they reach the top of the stairs, they see an usher on the other side mouthing the words, "No more room."
• The demonstrators walk to the other side of the church to find the riot police waiting for them in the parking lot.

• Somehow the Chicanos make it into the church, causing a confrontation between them and the police. The police try to control them by spraying mace, but at that point the Chicanos are causing real problems among the rich congregation. For example, Gloria Chavez attacks the altar with a golf club.

• Brown, the Chicanos lawyer, tells the Chicanos which the police have not arrested to go home and...

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