The Revisioners Fun Activities

Margaret Wilkerson Sexton
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Create a Three Dimensional Model

Create a 3-D model of Josephine's property circa 1924. Pay close attention to the text's descriptions as you construct your model.

Read a Piece of Literature

Read a poem by Maya Angelou, the author of the novel's epigraph. Create a display of your favorite lines from the poem and write a paragraph describing connections you see between your chosen poem and the text of The Revisioners.

Watch a Television Show

Watch an episode of Mixedish and write a reflection about the connections you see between the episode and the novel The Revisioners.

Write A Letter To Sexton

Compose a letter to Sexton. Include specific elements of the text that resonated with you and explain why.

Create A Visual Representation

Create a visual piece of art that symbolically portrays The Revisioners treatment of the dream motif. Use the medium of your choice to create your...

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