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Short Answer Questions

1. What evidence was presented to prove the impostor was an impostor?

2. When face to face with the real Martin, how many of Martin's sisters recognized him?

3. What was a typical case for the courts in Rieux?

4. What was the impostor's reaction when he was confronted by the real Martin?

5. What was the title of the article Jean de Coras wrote about marriage?

Short Essay Questions

1. When questioned in court during the second trial what did the impostor do that convinced the judges of his innocence?

2. Why did the impostor ask the judge to move Bertrande away from Pierre in Chapter 7?

3. LeSueur's pamphlet, "Admiranda Historia," became hugely popular, very quickly. Why do you think this happened?

4. Though Coras was Protestant by the time he wrote" Arrest Memorable," why was the book received so well by Catholics?

5. Why is it said that Coras exaggerates in "Arrest Memorable?"

6. Why does Coras describe Martin's arrival, "Like a miracle."

7. Why did Coras find the impostor remarkable even after having been fooled by him?

8. Proving that a man is not who he says he is, in the 16th century, is difficult to nearly impossible. In Chapter 7, what are some ways for proving identity that the author mentions?

9. What did Martin say when Bertrande said everyone was fooled by the impostor?

10. How important was Coras' Arrest Memorable" in the 16th century?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Bertrande seems to have easily adapted to each stage of her marriage to Martin. First, when she was forced to marry at a young age, then when she was reunited with the fake Martin, and in the last stage when she was reunited with the real Martin. Surely she must have felt some anxiety in each of those situations, but she seems to have taken the changes in stride. Based on this knowledge, what can we conclude about Bertrande's priorities? Who was she putting first? Why was she so willing to go along with whatever was thrown at her?

Essay Topic 2

If Pierre had been able to come up with the money and had the impostor, Arnaud, killed, how do you think things would have turned out? Would the truth still have come out?

Essay Topic 3

In Judge Jean de Coras' "Arrest Memorable" much is made about the fact that he did not include the fact that both Bertrande and Pierre were imprisoned during the second trial. Given that we know very little about why they were jailed, and that Coras was there and should know, why do you think he left that part out of his book?

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