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Short Answer Questions

1. The author speculates about where Martin could have gone when he disappeared. What does the author say was the most likely place Martin went to?

2. Why were there no pictures of Martin to compare to the impostor?

3. Why was the Battle of Picardy so important?

4. What was the impostor's nickname?

5. What battle were both Martin and the impostor said to have fought in?

Short Essay Questions

1. If the Guerre's home village of Hendaye and their new village, Artigat, were the same, why did the Guerres move?

2. How did the impostor's business ventures benefit Bertrande?

3. The idea that Martin and Bertrande were "bewitched," is a laughable conclusion today. What is a more logical explanation for Martin and Bertrande's inability to consummate their marriage?

4. List some of the ways the impostor prepared to pass himself off as Martin.

5. Why is it symbolic that Martin loses his leg in war?

6. In Chapter 3, Bertrande described her life in thirds. What three titles did she give to each third?

7. The impostor went to great lengths to "become" Martin. Do you think this is evidence that his goal was to do more than collect an inheritance? Explain your answer.

8. If passing soldiers in Hendaye were somehow ruining the land, why would that affect the Guerres?

9. In Chapter 4, what specific differences does the author point out about Martin and the impostor?

10. After Pierre began accusing the impostor of being an impostor, what criminal course of action did Pierre take?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Why do you think the impostor, Arnaud, protected Bertrande's involvement in the deception even in his last minute confession? What does this say about Arnaud? Does this act make him honorable to some degree?

Essay Topic 2

The author implies that more innocent changes, such as the Guerre's name change, are in some ways equivalent to what the impostor, Arnaud, did when he changed his identity. Do you agree with this implication? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

How does the setting contribute to the internal and external conflicts of the stories main characters?

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