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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did the impostor react when Bertrande was put in jail?
(a) The impostor continued on, not breaking from his story.
(b) The impostor broke down and told the truth.
(c) The impostor was happy that Bertrande would be jailed.
(d) The impostor lost control and had to be held down.

2. Which of the following was a possible reason for Bertrande to pretend she didn't know the impostor was not Martin?
(a) Bertrande was protecting her inheritance.
(b) Bertrande wanted a husband.
(c) Bertrande was protecting her children.
(d) Bertande was being abused.

3. In Chapter 10, Jean de Coras calls Bertrande _______________ in the identity theft of Martin Guerre.
(a) A victim.
(b) A defendant.
(c) A martyr.
(d) An accomplice.

4. How did Martin respond to Bertrande?
(a) Martin told Bertrande he forgave her.
(b) Martin kissed Bertrande.
(c) Martin blamed Bertrande for what happened.
(d) Martin hugged Bertrande and gave her a tissue.

5. Who decided to interrogate the impostor after Martin arrived?
(a) Arnaud du Tilh.
(b) Jean de Coras.
(c) President de Mansencal.
(d) Guillaume Le Sueur.

Short Answer Questions

1. What year was Jean de Coras killed?

2. How does the account in "Arrest Memorable" depict the impostor's memory?

3. How many chambers did the Toulouse Parliament have?

4. What was a typical case for the courts in Rieux?

5. How was the impostor punished for his crimes?

Short Essay Questions

1. Coras was a romantic. Give an example of one of his romantic gestures.

2. Proving that a man is not who he says he is, in the 16th century, is difficult to nearly impossible. In Chapter 7, what are some ways for proving identity that the author mentions?

3. LeSueur's pamphlet, "Admiranda Historia," became hugely popular, very quickly. Why do you think this happened?

4. Though Coras was Protestant by the time he wrote" Arrest Memorable," why was the book received so well by Catholics?

5. Why did the impostor ask the judge to move Bertrande away from Pierre in Chapter 7?

6. Given that three people said they recognized the impostor even after he'd been living with Bertrande, do you think he would have eventually been exposed?

7. How did the dedications in Coras' books help him career-wise?

8. The author says Montainge was too hard on Coras. Why?

9. Why is it said that Coras exaggerates in "Arrest Memorable?"

10. Why was Bertrande's testimony the most important? Why didn't the judges consider she might lie?

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