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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What three things does the author say Bertrande did while she Martin was away?
(a) She worked, raised her son, and waited.
(b) She did crafts, played with Martin's sisters, and raised her son.
(c) She spun thread, raised her son, and waited.
(d) She learned to read, raised her son, and played with Martin's sisters.

2. How many years was the real Martin gone from Artigat before he returned home?
(a) Twelve years.
(b) Two years.
(c) Fourteen years.
(d) Six years.

3. What language did the impostor try to learn in order to make his story more convincing?
(a) French.
(b) Spanish.
(c) Basque.
(d) Italian.

4. What disease was Arnaud believed to be recovering from when he met Bertrande?
(a) Measles.
(b) Small Pox.
(c) Syphilis.
(d) Plague.

5. What was a large area populated by Protestants called in France?
(a) Loyalist.
(b) Sinners.
(c) Shriners.
(d) Huguenots.

6. In the beginning of Bertrande's marriage, she spent her free time ___________________.
(a) Playing with Martin's sisters.
(b) Gardening.
(c) Playing kickball with neighbors.
(d) Knitting mittens.

7. How many sisters did the real Martin have?
(a) Four.
(b) Two.
(c) Five.
(d) Three.

8. Why did the author rule out the possibility of Martin having gone to the university?
(a) The university was too far away.
(b) Martin was illiterate.
(c) Martin was a peasant.
(d) Martin hated school.

9. What is the relationship between Pierre and Martin?
(a) They were brothers.
(b) They were father and son.
(c) They were uncle and nephew.
(d) They were cousins.

10. What could Bertrande have done to end her marriage after Martin left?
(a) She could have begged the Pope.
(b) She could have remarried.
(c) She could have filed for a divorce.
(d) She could have fabricated evidence that he died.

11. What did the village shoemaker say about the impostor's feet?
(a) They only had nine toes.
(b) They were too big to be Martin's.
(c) They had scars.
(d) They were too small to be Martin's.

12. At what age was Martin suspect to have married?
(a) Twelve years old.
(b) Fourteen years old.
(c) Twenty-two years old.
(d) Ten years old.

13. What example does the author give of other people who have taken a false identity?
(a) Carnival participants.
(b) Kids in Halloween costumes.
(c) Actors in a play.
(d) House burgulars.

14. What two hobbies did Martin enjoy?
(a) Horse riding and gymnastics.
(b) Horseracing and kickball.
(c) Bowling and soccer.
(d) Swordplay and acrobatics.

15. How old was Martin's wife when he disappeared?
(a) Twenty-seven.
(b) Twenty-two.
(c) Twenty-five.
(d) Twenty-three.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the main reason suspected for Martin's sudden disappearance?

2. Only one of the children the impostor and Bertrande produced lived. What was this child's name?

3. Who wrote, "We collected much booty, weapons, horses, golden chains, silver and other things?"

4. Why was the Battle of Picardy so important?

5. While Martin was away, what happened to Sanxi (Martin's father)?

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