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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Only one of the children the impostor and Bertrande produced lived. What was this child's name?
(a) Bernarde.
(b) Bertrande.
(c) Sanxi.
(d) Pierre.

2. Why does the author think the impostor was not in a hurry to return to home?
(a) He was tired of traveling.
(b) He was afraid of being arrested.
(c) He didn't want to see his father.
(d) He was looking for adventure.

3. What year did the impostor make his entrance into Bertrande's life?
(a) 1556.
(b) 1553.
(c) 1555.
(d) 1558.

4. What fact leads the author to believe the impostor was after more than an inheritance?
(a) The impostor confessed he wanted Martin's life.
(b) The impostor's elaborate preparations.
(c) The impostor told people he was in love with Bertrande.
(d) The impostor wrote in a journal that he wanted revenge against Sanxi.

5. The Guerre family changes their name in the story. What was their original name?
(a) Laguerre.
(b) Daguerre.
(c) McGuerre.
(d) Van Guerre.

6. How were Martin's problems with producing an heir solved?
(a) The doctor gave Martin a special syrup.
(b) Martin started exercising.
(c) An old lady, "Lifted the spell."
(d) The doctor gave Bertrande a special syrup.

7. Which of the following was a probable incentive for the impostor to impersonate Martin?
(a) A bigger inheritance.
(b) He wanted Martin's clothes.
(c) He wanted to steal from Pierre.
(d) He wanted to hurt Bertrande.

8. How did the family get to their new home?
(a) Walked.
(b) Rode the train.
(c) Drove.
(d) Rode a horse and carriage.

9. How old was Martin's wife believed to be at the time of marriage?
(a) Twelve.
(b) Fourteen.
(c) Eight.
(d) Ten.

10. What village was the impostor from?
(a) Artigat.
(b) Picardy.
(c) Sajas.
(d) Foix.

11. What village did the Guerre family move to?
(a) Rieux.
(b) Foix.
(c) Artigat.
(d) Hendaye.

12. Why did Bertrande and the impostor stay at the inn instead of going home right away?
(a) To get to know one another "again."
(b) Bertrande was too overwhelmed to travel.
(c) To get their stories straight.
(d) Pierre wanted to fix up their house before they returned.

13. What two hobbies did Martin enjoy?
(a) Horse riding and gymnastics.
(b) Swordplay and acrobatics.
(c) Horseracing and kickball.
(d) Bowling and soccer.

14. Instead of considering Martin and Bertrande's problem as a medical condition, villagers believed they were ______.
(a) Lazy.
(b) Bewitched.
(c) Unhappy.
(d) Infertile.

15. In what way was the Guerre family's new village most like their old one?
(a) There were no jobs.
(b) The leadership was weak.
(c) The village was very poor.
(d) The land was fertile.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long did it take the impostor to get from his old village to Artigat?

2. In what country was the Guerre family's new home?

3. Why did Martin's impostor demand to see the account books?

4. In the beginning of Bertrande's marriage, she spent her free time ___________________.

5. Which of the following character traits best described Bertrande?

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