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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What new language is Martin believed to have learned after leaving home?
(a) French.
(b) Spanish.
(c) Castilian.
(d) Basque.

2. From what village did the Guerre family move?
(a) Rieux.
(b) Foix.
(c) Hendaye.
(d) Artigat.

3. How many years was the real Martin gone from Artigat before he returned home?
(a) Two years.
(b) Twelve years.
(c) Six years.
(d) Fourteen years.

4. How many brothers did the impostor have?
(a) Eight.
(b) Six.
(c) Two.
(d) Five.

5. Why does the author think the impostor was not in a hurry to return to home?
(a) He didn't want to see his father.
(b) He was afraid of being arrested.
(c) He was looking for adventure.
(d) He was tired of traveling.

6. The author speculates about where Martin could have gone when he disappeared. What does the author say was the most likely place Martin went to?
(a) Spain.
(b) Italy.
(c) Germany.
(d) France.

7. What battle were both Martin and the impostor said to have fought in?
(a) Sajas.
(b) Artigat.
(c) Picardy.
(d) Flanders.

8. The author believes the impostor might have even _________ his act as Martin.
(a) Advertised.
(b) Rehearsed.
(c) Regretted.
(d) Written about.

9. What was the relationship between Sanxi and Martin?
(a) They were father and son.
(b) They were cousins.
(c) They were friends.
(d) They were brothers.

10. What year did the impostor make his entrance into Bertrande's life?
(a) 1555.
(b) 1553.
(c) 1558.
(d) 1556.

11. While Martin was away, what happened to Sanxi (Martin's father)?
(a) Sanxi remarried.
(b) Sanxi caught the measles and nearly died.
(c) Sanxi died.
(d) Sanxi was injured in a farming accident.

12. A key character trait known about the impostor is that he was _______.
(a) Very social.
(b) Charitable.
(c) Overbearing.
(d) Rude.

13. The Guerre family changes their name in the story. What was their original name?
(a) McGuerre.
(b) Daguerre.
(c) Laguerre.
(d) Van Guerre.

14. What was the relationship between Sanxi and Pierre?
(a) They were cousins.
(b) They were father and son.
(c) They were friends.
(d) They were brothers.

15. The family of Martin's wife paid a __________ for Bertrande to marry Martin.
(a) Dowry.
(b) Fee.
(c) Million yen.
(d) Ransom.

Short Answer Questions

1. How was Bertrande's life affected by Martin's disappearance and the scandal?

2. What was the impostor's nickname?

3. How many sisters did the real Martin have?

4. The impostor was able to impersonate Martin so convincingly because of his ability to _____.

5. Pierre noticed that Martin's impostor did not participate in _______________ as Martin did when he was younger.

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