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The Basque Country, the Labourd

This place is the original home of the Guerre family.

Artigat, France

This place is the adopted village of the Guerre family.


This place is the city where the first trial of Martin Guerre's impostor takes place.


This place is the capital of Languedoc province, and the place of the appeal of the case of Martin Guerre's impostor.

Toulouse Parliament, Parlement

This is a governing body, one of whose branches is the Criminal Court.


This is the location of fighting between the Spanish Army and French Army. In the story, it is a province in the Spanish Empire, north of France.


This place is the hometown of Arnaud du Tilh.


This is the home village in the Basque country of the Guerre family.

Nearby towns to Artigat

Pailhes, Le Fossat, Mane, Foix, and Le Carla are places close...

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