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Lesson 1

Objective: Chapter 1, From Hendaye to Artigat Students should understand the importance of setting in literature. Chapter 1 is rich in detail about Artigat's geography and its residents' way of life. In this lesson, students will analyze the setting of Artigat and discover how the setting creates images and ideas about the location in which the story takes place.

1. Class Discussion - When did the story take place? What do you imagine life was like in the 1500s? What do you think the town of Artigat looked like? What did the roads, houses, buildings, and landscape look like? What do you think the social conditions were in the town of Artigat? How were the women treated? How were children treated? How was worth determined?

2. Independent Activity - After reading Chapter 1, ask students to list five to ten words or phrases that describe the setting of the story. Next, have...

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