The Return of Martin Guerre Character Descriptions

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Arnaud du Tilh, the impostor of Martin Guerre, Pansette

This character is an outgoing peasant who gets into trouble and joins the French Army.

Martin Guerre, the real Martin Guerre

This character is accused of theft and joins the Spanish Army.

Bertrande de Rols, Bertrande Guerre

This character marries at a young age and has four children.

Pierre Guerre

This character takes over as head of the family after the death of a family member.

Jean de Coras, Jean Coras, Judge Coras

This character is plays a major role in the impostor's second trial and is eventually lynched by a mob for his religious beliefs.

Guillaume Le Sueur

This character is a writer who attends the trial.

Sanxi Guerre, Sanxi Daguerre (the elder)

This character is moves his family to Artigat.

Sanxi Guerre (the younger)

This character is the first child of the real Martin.

Bernarde du Tilh

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