Objects & Places from The Ressurectionist

E. B. Hudspeth
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Boston, Massachusetts

This is where Spencer Black and his brother were born.

Medical Arts College of Boston

This was where Dr. Gregory Black taught anatomy.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This was where Spencer and Bernard Black went to live after their father died.

Academy of Medicine

This was the medical school Spencer attended and graduated from.

Ward C

This was a program dedicated to the research and improvement of operable birth defects.

New York Society of Science

This was where Bernard Black worked after finishing his studies.


This was a specimen in a carnival sideshow that Spencer purchased for his research.


This was a specimen Spencer created from a turkey carcass and the head of a child.

American Carnival

This was where Spencer worked after his funds were cut off for his research.

Human Renaissance

This was the last show that Spencer created to showcase his creatures.

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