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Short Answer Questions

1. What did Stephano have which belonged to Dr. Montgomery, that Stephano planned to use to pass as Dr. Montgomery?

2. What does Sunny say when they have caught Stephano in a lie?

3. Where does Stephano tell Mr. Poe he is taking the children?

4. What does the doctor say that Dr. Montgomery appears to have died from?

5. What is the first story that the narrator makes mention of to relate a moral of not lying?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when the two cars crash in chapter seven?

2. What is Stephano's response when he has been caught in a lie about his snake knowledge in chapter twelve?

3. Describe the situation in chapter twelve where Mr. Poe insists on seeing Stephano's leg.

4. What is Violet regretting in chapter seven while she is getting into the Jeep with Stephano?

5. Describe the lockpick that Violet had made.

6. What is Stephano's reaction when Mr. Poe is panicing because Sunny has been bitten by the Incredibly Deadly Viper?

7. What does Violet suddenly realize in chapter eleven while she is trying to open the suitcase belonging to Stephano?

8. What is Violet doing in the beginning of chapter eleven?

9. What does Violet explain that Stephano intended to do after killing Dr. Montgomery?

10. What does Violet think about while she is standing outside Stephano's bedroom door?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Count Olaf is the bad guy in the story.

1) In what ways is he a 'Criminal Mastermind' if any.

2) Is he smarter than the children?

3) Look at Count Olaf's personality. What are his strengths? What are his weaknesses?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss idiosyncrasies.

1) What is significant about Violet's need to pull her hair back in order to think properly?

2) Does this trait add or detract from her character?

3) How does her idiosyncrasy compare to those found in real life?

Essay Topic 3

Mr. Poe tells them that good girls shouldn't know how to pick locks. Explain what he meant by this statement.

Mr. Poe says that a grown man doesn't get involved in car chases and that it is a job for the police. What does this reveal to the reader about Mr. Poe's personality?

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