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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Dr. Montgomery introduce himself?

2. What does Stephano tell the children has changed about the plans to Peru?

3. What kind of toothbrush does Uncle Monty tell the children he bought?

4. Where do the children like to be more than anywhere else?

5. What does Mr. Poe tell the children they should address Dr. Montgomery as?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain Mr. Poe and the children's conversation when they tell Mr. Poe goodbye and walk him to the car in chapter two.

2. Describe how life goes for the Baudelaire children for a week or so in chapter three?

3. Describe the situation when Dr. Montgomery tells the children to go find a room in his house?

4. What does Dr. Montgomery call the children and what is the explanation he gives for being so excited?

5. What do the children remember in chapter three while thinking about heir parents?

6. What are the children thinking when Mr. Poe rings the bell at Dr. Montgomery's house?

7. How is the night described in the beginning of chapter five?

8. What are the children doing in chapter five when they go up to their bed rooms after dinner?

9. What is 'Stephano's' response to Violet and Klaus calling him Count Olaf?

10. What tasks does Dr. Montgomery say must be done before they leave for Peru?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What role do the adults take on in the story? In what ways is it a typical role? In what way is it atypical?

In what ways are the Baudelaire children's role typical? Not typical?

Essay Topic 2

The narrator tells the reader before hand that Uncle Monty dies.

1) Is this true foreshadowing or has the narrator given away a key piece in the story? Explain.

2) What other way could the reader have realized that Uncle Monty was destined to die if the narrator hadn't exposed it?

Essay Topic 3

The three Baudelaire children aren't shown fighting with each other as normal children often do.

1) Does this make the Baudelaire children less believable? Why.

2) Describe how each of the children differ from each other as normal siblings do. Are there any traits that they do share? Explain.

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