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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who pulls up behind the children and Mr. Poe while they are still walking back to Dr. Montgomery's house?
(a) A doctor
(b) An ambulance
(c) The coroner
(d) A policeman

2. What does Violet go get from the kitchen to make her invention slick?
(a) Soap
(b) Cake icing
(c) Baking grease
(d) Cooking oil

3. What does Sunny do, after Violet has left the room, while sitting in front of the Incredibly Deadly Viper's open cage?
(a) Screams
(b) Bites the snake
(c) Calls the snake
(d) Giggles

4. What did Stephano have which belonged to Dr. Montgomery, that Stephano planned to use to pass as Dr. Montgomery?
(a) Herpetological Society card
(b) Library Card
(c) Driver Liscense
(d) Underware with his name in it

5. Why does Klaus say he doesn't want to go in the Reptile Room?
(a) Count Olaf might come in and find them
(b) Uncle Monty died in there
(c) The snake might still be loose
(d) They haven't been given permission

Short Answer Questions

1. The narrator say that Violet is staring at the contents of the suitcase as if they were ___________________.

2. What does Klaus say he is waiting on before he leaves?

3. What does the doctor say that Stephano is before he goes in to check on the body of Dr. Montgomery?

4. What does Violet do to her invention to make it slide easier?

5. What word is used to describe Violet's homemade invention?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Violet suddenly realize in chapter eleven while she is trying to open the suitcase belonging to Stephano?

2. What is the reaction gotten when Sunny is found with the Incredibly Deadly Viper wrapped around her body?

3. In chapter eight what does the narrator explain is the difference between Violet and Klaus in regards to their regrets?

4. What is Stephano's response when he has been caught in a lie about his snake knowledge in chapter twelve?

5. Describe the lockpick that Violet had made.

6. Describe the situation in chapter twelve where Mr. Poe insists on seeing Stephano's leg.

7. What is Stephano's reaction when Mr. Poe is panicing because Sunny has been bitten by the Incredibly Deadly Viper?

8. What does Violet say that they are going in the Reptile Room for as she describes it in chapter nine?

9. Describe what happens when Violet is able to get the suitcase open in chapter eleven.

10. What is Violet doing in the beginning of chapter eleven?

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