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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the first story that the narrator makes mention of to relate a moral of not lying?
(a) Pinocchio
(b) The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
(c) The Honest Woodcutter
(d) The Boy That Cried Wolf

2. What does the doctor say that Dr. Montgomery appears to have died from?
(a) Snake bite
(b) Toad venom
(c) Poison
(d) Boredom

3. What is one of the reasons given that a person shouldn't play with electricity?
(a) It is illegal
(b) You might get electrocuted
(c) It could start a fire
(d) It will mess up your hair

4. What does Stephano make Violet do as they head to the Jeep?
(a) Get the tickets
(b) Carry his suitcase
(c) Pack a lunch
(d) Lock up the house

5. Where does Violet put the contents of Stephan's suitcase when she enters the Reptile Room?
(a) In a box
(b) On a table
(c) In an evidence bag
(d) Where Dr. Montgomery's body had been found

Short Answer Questions

1. What can Violet see Stephano explaining but doesn't know what he is saying?

2. Who does the narrator explain that inventions, such as the one Violet has made, are used by?

3. What is Klaus trying not to do as Mr. Poe, Stephano and the doctor enter the Reptile Room?

4. What reason does Stephano claim to be the reason he doesn't want Mr. Poe to rub his ankle?

5. What does Stephano pull out when Klaus says he will call the police?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the story that the doctor tells to exlpain the death of Dr. Montgomery?

2. Describe the scene in chapter seven when Stephano first walks into the room where Dr. Montgomery's body is lying.

3. In chapter ten what does the author tell about the boy that cried wolf?

4. Describe what happens when Violet is able to get the suitcase open in chapter eleven.

5. What is Violet regretting in chapter seven while she is getting into the Jeep with Stephano?

6. In chapter eight what does the narrator explain is the difference between Violet and Klaus in regards to their regrets?

7. What is the reaction gotten when Sunny is found with the Incredibly Deadly Viper wrapped around her body?

8. Describe the situation in chapter twelve where Mr. Poe insists on seeing Stephano's leg.

9. In the beginning of chapter nine what does the narrator explain is different when the children walk into the Reptile Room?

10. What does Violet suddenly realize in chapter eleven while she is trying to open the suitcase belonging to Stephano?

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