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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Uncle Monty tell the children that his jealous roommate in college did?
(a) Swallowed his pet lizard
(b) Kidnapped his tortoise
(c) Put his slug in his ear
(d) Ate his toad

2. What does Uncle Monty say in his letter he has NOT gone to town to get?
(a) Toothbrushes
(b) A fireproof canoe
(c) A tent
(d) Peaches

3. Where does Klaus suggest he could get a job?
(a) Horseradish factory
(b) Library
(c) School
(d) Museum

4. What kind of toothbrush does Uncle Monty tell the children he bought?
(a) Extra-firm bristles
(b) Extra-soft bristles
(c) Medium bristles
(d) Scooby-Doo toothbrush

5. Why does Violet say they shouldn't leave the house?
(a) Olaf would catch them
(b) Olaf might hurt Uncle Monty
(c) Olaf's troupe might be watching
(d) The police would be called on them

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the painting of that the children first see in the house?

2. What does Uncle Monty have in his hands when he runs into the children after they have had their breakfast?

3. What does Stephano do during the entire dinner meal?

4. What does Stephano tell the children has changed about the plans to Peru?

5. What have the shrubs been cut to look like?

Short Essay Questions

1. In chapter five what do the children think about when they try to think about what life was like for them four years earlier?

2. What does the narrator explain in chapter four will be another regret that the Baudelaire children will have when Uncle Monty gets home from picking up supplies?

3. How is the night described in the beginning of chapter five?

4. Describe the scene which Dr. Montgomery wishes to happen when he unveils the Incredibly Deadly Viper as he describes in it chapter three?

5. What do the children discuss in Violet's room in chapter six after they are done at the movies?

6. Describe how life goes for the Baudelaire children for a week or so in chapter three?

7. What stories does Uncle Monty share with the children and they share with him?

8. Describe the situation when Dr. Montgomery tells the children to go find a room in his house?

9. Describe the animals and things in the Reptile Room.

10. What is 'Stephano's' response to Violet and Klaus calling him Count Olaf?

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