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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Stephano accidentally call Dr. Montgomery's death?
(a) Funny
(b) Murder
(c) Good luck
(d) Unique

2. What other children's story does the author make mention of in the story to talk about things that are fake?
(a) The Tortoise and the Hare
(b) The Lion and the Mouse
(c) Little Red Riding Hood
(d) The Fox and the Crow

3. Violet says they have to go in the Reptile Room for what reason?
(a) They have work to do
(b) They need to look for the snake
(c) To take a moment of silence for Uncle Monty
(d) They need to find a murder weapon

4. What does the doctor say that Dr. Montgomery appears to have died from?
(a) Boredom
(b) Snake bite
(c) Toad venom
(d) Poison

5. What does Violet do that signifies she is trying to think?
(a) Turns her hat around backwards
(b) Pulls out a pen and paper
(c) Begins to hum the theme to jeapordy
(d) Pulls her hair back

6. What does Mr. Poe NOT say proves that Stephano is not Count Olaf?
(a) Stephano's beard
(b) Stephano's unblemished ankle
(c) Missing the one eyebrow
(d) Hooked finger

7. What do the children hope for when Stephano climbs in the Jeep?
(a) That the police will come
(b) That it will blow up
(c) That it won't start
(d) That Mr. Poe will arrive

8. What is one of the reasons given that a person shouldn't play with electricity?
(a) You might get electrocuted
(b) It is illegal
(c) It will mess up your hair
(d) It could start a fire

9. What does Stephano claim to be to Mr. Poe?
(a) An expert on snakes
(b) An excelent judge of character
(c) A snake charmer
(d) A table dancer

10. What does Klaus mention that gives Violet a clue where to look for evidence?
(a) Matress
(b) Suitcase
(c) Jeep
(d) Back pack

11. What reason does Stephano give for not explaining his vast knowledge of snakes beforehand?
(a) He didn't know which snake it was
(b) Shaken by the death of Dr. Montgomery
(c) Was afraid of the implications
(d) He is modest

12. What do Violet and Klaus both say when they hear Sunny?
(a) Is that the best she can do?
(b) Her scream is realistic
(c) Her scream is fake
(d) They hope she is ok

13. What is the first story that the narrator makes mention of to relate a moral of not lying?
(a) Pinocchio
(b) The Boy That Cried Wolf
(c) The Honest Woodcutter
(d) The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

14. What does Stephano offer the doctor and Mr. Poe when they enter the house?
(a) Cake and tea
(b) Cookies
(c) Coffee
(d) Sandwiches

15. What does Mr. Poe get to rub Stephano's ankle?
(a) Snot rag
(b) Wash cloth
(c) Coat jacket
(d) Handkerchief

Short Answer Questions

1. The narrator say that Violet is staring at the contents of the suitcase as if they were ___________________.

2. What happens as Stephano is driving the children to the boat?

3. What is odd about the doctor's hand when he opens the door to the reptile room?

4. What does Mr. Poe do to try and call away the Incredibly Deadly Viper from Sunny?

5. What makes Klaus suddenly very angry with the doctor?

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