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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Uncle Monty tell the children the Hungarian Sloth Snake's top speed is?
(a) Too slow
(b) A foot a day
(c) Half an inch per hour
(d) A slither every minute

2. What does Mr. Poe tell the children they should address Dr. Montgomery as?
(a) Sir
(b) Dr. Montgomery
(c) Montgomery Montgomery
(d) Father

3. What does Uncle Monty tell the children that his jealous roommate in college did?
(a) Swallowed his pet lizard
(b) Ate his toad
(c) Kidnapped his tortoise
(d) Put his slug in his ear

4. What are most of the books in Dr. Montgomery's library written about?
(a) Poisonous snakes
(b) Peruvian Andes
(c) Unique toads
(d) Reptiles

5. What does Uncle Monty say that Stephano will name the snake if he is able to steal it?
(a) Count Olaf's Pet
(b) The Stephano Find
(c) Stephano's Snake
(d) XYZ Reptilian Genome

6. What does Dr. Montgomery suggest he could get for Sunny?
(a) A snake
(b) A cucumber
(c) An old shoe
(d) A raw carrot

7. Where does Klaus suggest Violet could get a job?
(a) Modeling agency
(b) Mechnical factory
(c) Pre school
(d) Labratory

8. What does Mr. Poe warn Klaus in the car not to do to Dr. Montgomery in regards to Montgomery's name?
(a) Ridicule him
(b) Mock him
(c) Taunt him
(d) Spit on him

9. What does Uncle Monty teach the children not to give too much of to the Green Gimlet Toad
(a) Food
(b) Light
(c) Water
(d) Attention

10. What kind of fruit do the trees near Lousy Lane produce?
(a) Sour apples
(b) Bitter plums
(c) Worm ridden pears
(d) Rotten peaches

11. What kind of toothbrush does Uncle Monty tell the children he bought?
(a) Medium bristles
(b) Scooby-Doo toothbrush
(c) Extra-firm bristles
(d) Extra-soft bristles

12. What does Stephano do as the children walk out of the bedroom?
(a) Bows
(b) Laughs
(c) Starts singing
(d) Kicks Klaus

13. Where does Stephano tell the children that Uncle Monty is?
(a) His bedroom
(b) In the Jeep
(c) The Library
(d) The Reptile Room

14. What does Stephano chop in the kitchen while they are making dinner?
(a) Tomatoes
(b) Fish heads
(c) Olives
(d) Mushrooms

15. What is the Reptile Room made out of?
(a) Snake pictures
(b) Metal
(c) Glass
(d) Books

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Stephano tell the children has changed about the plans to Peru?

2. What does Stephano do during the entire dinner meal?

3. What does Violet see 'Stephano' holding while she is getting ready to tell Uncle Monty that Stephano is really Count Olaf?

4. What does Dr. Montgomery say that he hopes happens to Count Olaf someday?

5. Who does Dr. Montgomery ask if he/she does not like coconut?

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