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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Uncle Monty get to name the Incredibly Deadly Viper?
(a) He discovered it
(b) He bought the rights
(c) He is the lead scientist
(d) He has done great studies on it

2. When does Mr. Poe tell the children he will be back with the children's luggage?
(a) Two days
(b) A week
(c) A month
(d) A few hours

3. What does Sunny do, after Violet has left the room, while sitting in front of the Incredibly Deadly Viper's open cage?
(a) Giggles
(b) Bites the snake
(c) Screams
(d) Calls the snake

4. Why does the doctor explain that he and Stephano can't switch cars?
(a) The city laws won't allow anyone else to drive his car
(b) He hates to drive a Jeep
(c) He can't drive Stephano's car
(d) His car is out of gas

5. What does Dr. Montgomery say that he hopes happens to Count Olaf someday?
(a) Torn apart by wild animals
(b) Caught by the police
(c) Is on a plane that crashes
(d) Falls into a well

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does the narrator explain will be the one that ends up dead?

2. Where dose Uncle Monty tell the children he found Stephano?

3. What do the children find at the far end of the Reptile Room?

4. What does the doctor say that Stephano is before he goes in to check on the body of Dr. Montgomery?

5. Where does Dr. Montgomery say the children and he will be going in just ten days?

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