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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Stephano chop in the kitchen while they are making dinner?
(a) Olives
(b) Mushrooms
(c) Fish heads
(d) Tomatoes

2. What does Uncle Monty say in his letter he has NOT gone to town to get?
(a) A fireproof canoe
(b) A tent
(c) Toothbrushes
(d) Peaches

3. What does Dr. Montgomery say is the reason he never found a wife and started a family?
(a) Slipped his mind
(b) Never found the time
(c) Never could find a wife who liked snakes
(d) Too scared of women

4. What kind of fruit do the trees near Lousy Lane produce?
(a) Rotten peaches
(b) Bitter plums
(c) Sour apples
(d) Worm ridden pears

5. Who does the narrator explain will be the one that ends up dead?
(a) The Incredibly Deadly Viper
(b) Count Olaf
(c) Uncle Monty
(d) Mr. Poe

Short Answer Questions

1. Where dose Uncle Monty tell the children he found Stephano?

2. What does Violet see 'Stephano' holding while she is getting ready to tell Uncle Monty that Stephano is really Count Olaf?

3. What does Dr. Montgomery explain has happened that has put him behind in his preparations?

4. What is in Violet's room that she thought might help inspire her while inventing?

5. What do the children find at the far end of the Reptile Room?

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