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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dr. Montgomery tell the children they are lucky he isn't speaking because he is so excited?
(a) Itialian
(b) Gibberish
(c) Baby talk
(d) Pig latin

2. What does Mr. Poe tell the children is odd about Dr. Montgomery's name?
(a) He had it changed to Susan
(b) His first name can't be pernounced
(c) His first and last name are Montgomery
(d) He has no first name

3. What sort of factory does the Grim River circle?
(a) Horseradish
(b) Oil chemical
(c) Fish paste
(d) Diaper

4. Who does Dr. Montgomery ask if he/she does not like coconut?
(a) Sunny
(b) Violet
(c) Mr. Poe
(d) Klaus

5. What are most of the books in Dr. Montgomery's library written about?
(a) Unique toads
(b) Reptiles
(c) Poisonous snakes
(d) Peruvian Andes

Short Answer Questions

1. What has Violet been trying to think up an invention for?

2. What do the children find at the far end of the Reptile Room?

3. What have the shrubs been cut to look like?

4. What kind of fruit do the trees near Lousy Lane produce?

5. What do the Baudelaire children still have nightmares about?

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