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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Violet have tacked up on her wall to sketch out her ideas?
(a) Graphing paper
(b) Large white pieces of paper
(c) Chalk boards
(d) Blue print paper

2. What snake does the doctor say bit Dr. Montgomery?
(a) Mamba du Mal
(b) Cobra
(c) The Eye Biter
(d) Incredibly Deadly Viper

3. What does Sunny put in her room?
(a) Chewable toys
(b) Picture books
(c) Small hard objects to bite
(d) Blankets to hide in

4. What does Dr. Montgomery say the Barbary Chewer will begin to do if it doesn't have something in its mouth at all times?
(a) Eat its own mouth
(b) Digest itself
(c) Eat its own tail
(d) Drown in its own spit

5. What does Dr. Montgomery suggest he could get for Sunny?
(a) An old shoe
(b) A cucumber
(c) A snake
(d) A raw carrot

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens while the children sit in Violet's room?

2. What does Violet explain Sunny likes?

3. Why does the doctor explain that there isn't a snake loose in the house?

4. Where does Dr. Montgomery say the children and he will be going in just ten days?

5. What does Uncle Monty have in his hands when he runs into the children after they have had their breakfast?

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