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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens as Stephano is driving the children to the boat?
(a) A cow jumps out infront of the car
(b) Violet throws up on Stephano
(c) Stephano has a seizure
(d) A car accident

2. What does Stephano make Violet do as they head to the Jeep?
(a) Get the tickets
(b) Pack a lunch
(c) Lock up the house
(d) Carry his suitcase

3. What does Count Olaf tell the children he assumes that they are?
(a) Dr. Montgomery's children
(b) Beggers
(c) Midgets
(d) Orphans

4. What does Klaus suggest that Sunny and Violet find ridiculous?
(a) That Olaf is smarter than the children
(b) That no one cares about the children
(c) That Montgomery is conspiring with Olaf
(d) That Montgomery is friends with Olaf

5. Where does Klaus suggest Violet could get a job?
(a) Labratory
(b) Modeling agency
(c) Mechnical factory
(d) Pre school

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Uncle Monty want to show Violet he has bought before she tells him her important information?

2. What does Sunny say when they have caught Stephano in a lie?

3. What kind of toothbrush does Uncle Monty tell the children he bought?

4. What does Monty say he hates losing?

5. What does Klaus say he is waiting on before he leaves?

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