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This place is a small town outside of the Baudelaires' home city. Dr. Montgomery's house is located just outside of this place.

Lousy Lane

This is a road that travels alongside a river. The Baudelaires take this road to arrive at Dr. Montgomery's house. The road stinks due to a nearby horseradish factory. The view along the road is dismal.

Grim River

The is nine-tenths mud and is home to very disturbing fish.

Dr. Montgomery's House

This place is a large dwelling, framed by snake-shaped hedges.

The Reptile Room

It is lined with cages on both sides and at the end. There is also a large library full of herpetological books and comfortable chairs. The exterior walls of this room are glass, offering a view of the snake-shaped hedges in the lawn.


Dr. Montgomery is planning an expedition here, and invites the children to join him...

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