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News Report

You are a news reporter covering the apparent double suicide and attempted kidnapping of three small orphans. You may get interviews from the people that were involved on the scene such as Mr. Poe or the taxi driver or Bruce.

Dr. Montgomery Montgomery's Reptile Zoo

Create an advertisement for the Reptile Zoo. Be sure to list the creatures that are there and the tour that you can get.

Stephano's Resume

Stephano is out of work. Create a resume to help him get a new a job since he has lost this one. He may need special benefits and be looking for particular things in his new job.

Dr. Lucafont's Medical School

Dr. Lucafont needs to update his credentials. Make a list of his schooling and include his specialties and where he has gotten his training at.

Mr. Poe's Insurance Claim

Mr. Poe has to put in...

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