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Chapter 1

• The Baudelaire children are driving to meet their new guardian.

• The way to Dr. Montgomery's house is stinky due to the horseradish factory.

• The children see the house and the hedges are all shaped like snakes.

• They are hoping the best as the door to the house opens.

Chapter 2

• Dr. Montgomery give the children and Mr. Poe some pie.

• Dr. Montgomery tells the children to call him Uncle Montgomery.

• Dr. Montgomery says he is going to Peru and the children are to go with him.

• Dr. Montgomery takes the children to the Reptile Room and shows the children his books and reptile specimens.

Chapter 3

• The children meet the Incredibly Deadly Viper who is not deadly and quickly becomes Sunny's friend.

• Each of the children get their own rooms and fills it with things of their choice.

• The narrator informs the reader that in a short amount of...

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