Objects & Places from The Relic

Lincoln Child
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Packing Material

Consists of a plant infected with a strange virus causing the plant to contain high levels of hormone normally found in the hypothalamus gland.

Kawakita's Extrapolation Program

A computer program that takes the DNA of two animals or plants and uses logic to come up with a plant or animal that contains elements of both plant or animal.

Frock's Callisto Effect

A theory that when changes are made quickly to a creature or plant's DNA, it can create a freak of nature that defies everything known about the creature or plant.

Wright's Office

It is here that Wright, Rickman and Cuthbert seek safety the night of the Superstition Exhibit's opening party. Wright and Rickman are killed and Cuthbert loses his sanity.

Secure Area

An area behind metal doors where highly sensitive and expensive collections are housed. It is in this area that the artifacts from the...

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