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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 9-10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is one priority not listed by Collie in his mind as he thinks about the crime scene?
(a) Secure the crime scene.
(b) Aid the wounded.
(c) Catch the suspect.
(d) Protect the citizenry.

2. What movie does Herb bring home for Seth?
(a) The Quiet Man.
(b) Remember the Alamo.
(c) Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.
(d) The Regulators.

3. How does Peter plan to start his descriptions of what has happened to him that day?
(a) Mary just got home from work.
(b) I saw a van.
(c) I just got home from work.
(d) I heard a voice.

4. Who joins the regulators at the end of the scene?
(a) Murdock.
(b) Streeter.
(c) The Sheriff.
(d) The Chinese laundry men.

5. How long have Gary and Marielle been married?
(a) Three years.
(b) Nine months.
(c) Nineteen years.
(d) Nine years.

Short Answer Questions

1. What sound seems to start the gunfire again?

2. How many houses are there in Wentworth?

3. The gunshots that kill Mary come from which van?

4. Where is Seth's Dream Floater found?

5. Who is the character is Chapter 4 who sees everything?

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