Daily Lessons for Teaching The Regulators

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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-2)


In this lesson, students will learn about the literary technique of foreshadowing.


1) Lecture - Teacher should prepare a lecture about foreshadowing. What is the purpose of foreshadowing? How does King use this technique to build his story?

2) Identification - In this section, students should be given about 15 minutes to study Chapters 1 and 2 to find some examples of foreshadowing.

3) Class Discussion - Teacher should lead a discussion in which students discuss the examples of foreshadowing they have identified from the novel. How does this foreshadowing help develop the novel? What feeling does the reader begin to get from the novel as a result of the foreshadowing?

4) Homework - Students should write a short story in which they use the literary technique of foreshadowing.

Lesson 2 (from Chapters 1-2)


In Chapter 2, Steve comments that he sometimes has cognitive flashes. In this lesson, students should learn about what these flashes are...

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