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Make a map

Draw a map of the neighborhood based on the information in the novel. Notate where the gun attacks happened as well as locations such as the greenbelt, convenience store and areas from where the vans come. This map can also be made in a 3-D model with toy cars, houses and people.

Draw a regulator

Draw an image of one of the regulators.

Draw a Power Wagon

Draw an image of one of the Power Wagons.

Write a story

Write a story telling how Tak might have gotten imprisoned in Rattlesnake One Mine.

Watch the movie

Find a movie version of "The Regulators" to watch. Describe the way the movie differs from the book.

Crossword Puzzle

Create a crossword puzzle using terms, characters, places and names from "The Regulators."

Book Cover

Create a book cover for "The Regulators" to share with the class.

Book review

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