The Regulators Character Descriptions

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Audrey Wyler

This character is a widow who lives on Poplar Street. She takes in her nephew, who is controlled by a entity living in him, after his family is killed during a drive by shooting.

Seth Garin

This character is an autistic boy who is taken in by his aunt after his family is killed in a drive-by shooting.


This character is an ancient entity that once lived under the ground, but has come to live in Seth Garin.

Johnny Marinville

This character is a writer who was once hailed as the most promising young writer of the century, who later turned to writing children's books to help him recover from drug and alcohol problems.

Brad Josephson

This character is the large, funny black man who lives on the western corner of Poplar Street with his wife, Belinda.

Belinda Josephson

This character is Brad's wife and...

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