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Chapters 1-2

• Chapter 1

• The residents of Poplar Street enjoy a peaceful July afternoon.

• Cary Ripton is canvassing the neighborhood, delivering papers when a strange van enters the neighborhood.

• A newspaper article detailing a drive by shooting in Columbus where all members of the Garin family with the exception of Seth are killed concludes the chapter.
• Chapter 2

• Steve Ames is forced to stop on Poplar Street when the Ryder truck he is driving breaks down.

• Steve watches Cary killed by gunfire from the strange van.

• Steve helps Cynthia keep the Carver children safe from the gunmen.

• The gunmen shot a dog instead of the Carver children.

• Collie an ex-cop tries to get control over the situation however, most of the neighbors choose to ignore him and return to their own homes.

• The chapter concludes with a review of the movie "The Regulators".

Chapters 3-4

• Chapter 3

• Johnny Marinville tries to...

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