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Anita Diamant
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Egypt, Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Jacob and Laban do to ensure they never see each other again?
(a) They set a boundary between the two camps
(b) They both agree not to visit Canaan
(c) They set a boundary with water
(d) They both agree not to go to Eygpt

2. What becomes of Leah?
(a) She commits sucide after Rachel dies.
(b) She falls out of favor with Jacob and is disowned by him
(c) She becomes bitter and regretful because she lost Dinah
(d) She loses the use of her arms and legs and dies in pain

3. Where does Dinah go to deliver the baby?
(a) Rosetta
(b) Giza
(c) Thebes
(d) Luxor

4. What does Dinah name her baby?
(a) Re-nefera
(b) Bar-Shalem
(c) Re-mose
(d) Bar-Sha

5. What does Inna declare Dinah to be?
(a) A child of the water
(b) The most beautiful child she has ever seen
(c) A child of the earth
(d) A very spoiled brat

Short Answer Questions

1. Why has Benia tracked down Dinah?

2. How many children does Zilpah predict Leah will have?

3. Who sends Dinah and Jacob to look for Ruti?

4. How did women of Dinah's time keep a log of their stories?

5. What happens to Reuben?

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