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Anita Diamant
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through My Story, Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do the mothers break Dinah's hymen?
(a) They wish to take the pain away from Dinah's first sexual expereince
(b) They do not want DInah to be perceived as a virgin
(c) They do not break her hymen
(d) They believe it should be given to the earth and not a man

2. What does Laban allow Jacob to take?
(a) sixty cows and sixty sheep
(b) sixty goats and sixty cows
(c) sixty goats and sixty sheep
(d) nothing

3. How many wives does Jacob now have?
(a) five
(b) ten
(c) four
(d) three

4. Who nurses Jacob for Rachel?
(a) Ruti
(b) Zilpah
(c) Bilhah
(d) Leah

5. How does Zilpah assert her own sexual power?
(a) She thrusts herself onto Jacob
(b) She expertments with her sexuality
(c) She refuses to have sex with Jacob again
(d) She attempts to sleep with other men in Jacob's camp

Short Answer Questions

1. Which sister actually steals from Laban?

2. Why Does Zilpah agree to have sex with Jacob?

3. Why does Bilhah ask if she may have a child for Rachel in Rachel's name?

4. Where do both families agree to meet?

5. Who does Reuben spend most of his time with?

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