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Rick Riordan
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Set's secret name?
(a) Evil Day.
(b) Bad One.
(c) Evil Omen.
(d) Day of Chaos.

2. What does Anubis say the feather might do to Sadie?
(a) Burn her.
(b) Confuse her.
(c) Age her.
(d) Change her.

3. What is Sekhmet the goddess of?
(a) Weapons.
(b) Trees.
(c) Lions.
(d) Poison.

4. What color are Set's eyes?
(a) Green.
(b) Black.
(c) Red.
(d) White.

5. What are people in the airport screaming about?
(a) A rabid moose.
(b) A deranged polar bear.
(c) A mangy lion.
(d) A saber toothed rhino.

6. What happens to Sekhmet after drinking the salsa?
(a) She falls asleep.
(b) She begins weeping.
(c) She gets angry.
(d) She burns up.

7. Whose Ba travels to Cleopatra's Needle?
(a) Amos's.
(b) Sadie's.
(c) Zia's.
(d) Carter's.

8. What special gift did Ruby have?
(a) Mind reading.
(b) Shape shifting.
(c) Divination.
(d) Persuasion.

9. Why does Zia think Iksander knew this was all coming?
(a) He spoke to her privately after she was in England.
(b) He just knew everything.
(c) He wrote something in a book a burned it.
(d) He has been visiting her dreams.

10. Where is Cleopatra's needle?
(a) New York.
(b) Hong Kong.
(c) Cairo.
(d) London.

11. How do the Kanes get to the Land of the Dead?
(a) They fly.
(b) They take a steam boat.
(c) They swim.
(d) The open a portal.

12. What does Anubis say will cause the feather to do something to Sadie?
(a) Her anger.
(b) Her lies.
(c) Her heart.
(d) Her temperature.

13. What is holding a large piece of the pyramid in the air when Carter sees it?
(a) A mechanical crane.
(b) Flying boats.
(c) Large birds.
(d) Two demons.

14. Why was Bast imprisoned originally?
(a) To be punished.
(b) To protect the Ankh.
(c) To fight Apophis.
(d) To watch over Ruby.

15. Who punished Nut?
(a) Geb.
(b) Set.
(c) Ra.
(d) Osiris.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Zia hosting?

2. What does Iksander say the Kanes have in abundance when they are in the Land of the Dead?

3. Why does Sadie say she hates her father?

4. What mountain is the red pyramid in?

5. Why won't Sadie answer Carter's questions after she gets the feather?

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