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Rick Riordan
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 15: Chapters 40 & 41.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who tends to Zia's wounds during the battle?
(a) Carter.
(b) Bast.
(c) Khufu.
(d) Sadie.

2. Why does Carter have to sleep after his battle?
(a) To get direction.
(b) To regain strength.
(c) To heal his wounds.
(d) All of these.

3. What does the Arab girl say she is the mistress of?
(a) The elements.
(b) The stars.
(c) All youth.
(d) The wind.

4. Why does Carter keep watch after using Sadie's portal?
(a) They don't know where to go.
(b) She needs to rest.
(c) He is worried about Bast.
(d) He can't sleep.

5. What is on the alter in the secret chamber that Zia sneaks off to in Paris?
(a) Blood.
(b) Photographs.
(c) Amulets.
(d) Books.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is the Feather of Truth kept?

2. Where in New York does Bast say the temple is?

3. How tall is Bast in her true form?

4. What is Sekhmet the goddess of?

5. How long has Zia's magic been missing when it returns in the pyramid?

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