The Red Pyramid Character Descriptions

Rick Riordan
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Carter Kane

This character is a fourteen-year-old, African-American boy who looks like his father and travels the world.

Sadie Kane

This character is a twelve-year-old Caucasian girl who takes after her mother who streaks her hair with bright colors.

Zia Rashid

This character is a magician from the First Nome who is an attractive Arab girl with caramel-colored skin and short, black hair.


This character is the cat goddess who is hosted by Muffin.


This character is a French magician in the House of Life.

Amos Kane

This character is barrel-shaped with skin the color of roasted coffee, long braided hair and expensive clothes.

Julius Kane

This character is an Egyptian archaeologist and a magician in the House of Life who has a bald head and a goatee.


This character is the ancient Chief Lector who speaks his birth tongue, Alexandrian Greek.


This character...

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