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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 14, Bristol, England, January 1276 - 16, Worcester, England, September 1276.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. King Edward summons Llewelyn to do homage to him as a __________ lord.
(a) Secondary.
(b) Vassal.
(c) Primary.
(d) Liege.

2. What inhibits the murder plot in Chapter 9 from actually happening?
(a) The plot is revealed too early and Llewelyn finds out.
(b) Lightening hitting the castle during a storm.
(c) Heavy rain and a mudslide.
(d) Davydd gets too worried and calls it off.

3. Owen de la Pole is Gruffydd's ___________.
(a) Nephew.
(b) Son.
(c) Brother.
(d) Cousin.

4. Who is Elizabeth de Ferrers?
(a) Davydd's wife.
(b) All of these answers.
(c) King Edward's Cousin.
(d) The daughter of a rebel.

5. What does Hugh smuggle to Amaury, while Amaury is in jail?
(a) Rosary beads, a Bible, and some bread.
(b) Food and an extra blanket.
(c) A warmer robe, paper, and a pencil.
(d) Books, candles, and basic necessities.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Tudor get a confession from in Chapter 10 about who was involved in the murder plot?

2. Who allows Simon's body to be mutilated?

3. What was Prince Edward nicknamed in his childhood by his cousins?

4. Where has Owain been for 15 years?

5. How much money does Edward give Nell in Chapter 8 to make up for lost profit?

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