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This is a small town in England where a fateful battle takes place between King Henry and The Earl of Leicester five years before the beginning of The Reckoning.

Dolwyddelan Castle

Llewelyn spends the best moments of his childhood here with his grandfather, and it is where Llewelyn stores his chests, money and jewels.


This type of lord owes his liege loyalty and fealty and must provide monetary payments.

Leige Lord

This is the superior lord, receiving payments and loyalty from lesser lords, which he protects.


The brothers have fought each other for control of the area since the death of their father.


This is the favorite weapon of the church and the King of England, but it is not as effective against the Welsh as it is in other area.

Plight troth

This is a betrothal or engagement.

Aberconwy Abbey

This is a...

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