The Rebel Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is the purpose of Camus' essay as outlined in the Introduction?

Camus outlines in the Introduction the purpose of his essay, which is to face the reality of the present which he sees as logical crime. Camus' goal is to examine the places where logical crime is justified in an attempt to understand the present time and situation.

2. Why is it important to Camus to know whether or not people have a right to murder, as outlined in the Introduction?

For Camus, it is important to discover whether or not people have a right to murder because he believes no one can act or know anything until this questions is answered.

3. According to Camus' Introduction, with what is ideology today concerned?

In Camus' Introduction, he states that ideology today, at least in his today, is only concerned with the denial of other human beings. These beings "bear the responsibility of deceit."

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