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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3, Section 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The ancient regime monarchy was founded on what?
(a) Slave rebellion.
(b) Divine right.
(c) Honest government.
(d) Christianity.

2. According to Part 1, remaining silent gives the appearance that one has no what?
(a) Opinions.
(b) Thoughts.
(c) Feelings.
(d) Tongue.

3. A man's rebellion is refusal to be treated as what, according to Part 3?
(a) A leader.
(b) A heretic.
(c) An object.
(d) A politician.

4. In Part 2, Camus explains Nietzsche recognized himself as the "most acute manifestation" of what?
(a) Christianity's values.
(b) Rebellion's reasoning.
(c) Atheism's beliefs.
(d) Nihilism's conscience.

5. According to Camus' introduction, to what is to judge?
(a) Think.
(b) Murder.
(c) Breathe.
(d) Love.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Part 3, Camus says rebellion and revolution end in the same dilemma of what two things?

2. According to Part 3, what does honor lay in?

3. According to Camus in Part 3, men kill each other because they desire what?

4. In Part 3, what is a "long and painful struggle in the darkness"?

5. Hitler invented the perpetual motion of what, according to Part 3?

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