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Objective: Introduction and Part 1: In order to more effectively understand Albert Camus' The Rebel, the reader must understand Camus' own beliefs and background. The objective of this lesson is to prepare students to read The Rebel by discussing Camus' own beliefs, as well as the information presented in The Rebel's foreword.

1) Small group activity: Divide the class into small groups of 3 to 4 students. Each group is given a one-page biography of Albert Camus that outlines key events in his life and his belief in existentialism. Groups highlight 3 or 4 key events or elements of Camus' life they believe might have an impact on Camus' analysis of others' philosophies in The Rebel. Groups should be prepared to share their list with the class and discuss why those events/elements might be important.

2) In class activity: Students individually read the Foreword in The Rebel. This brief introduction to the book...

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