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Iris Chang
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Chang frequently required assistance from others because she used source material written in all BUT WHICH of the following languages?
(a) Russian.
(b) German.
(c) Chinese.
(d) Japanese.

2. One of the deadliest policies endorsed by the Japanese government during the war is the "Three-all" policy, which means all BUT WHICH of the following?
(a) Rape all.
(b) Kill all.
(c) Burn all.
(d) Loot all.

3. To what problem can most of the damage in Nanking be attributed in the, "The Occupation of Nanking" chapter?
(a) Flooding.
(b) Arson.
(c) Gunfire.
(d) Vandalism.

4. After the War Crimes committee is created, trials for class B and C war criminals begin when?
(a) March 1945.
(b) September 1944.
(c) December 1945.
(d) August 1946.

5. In what month during "The Occupation of Nanking" do the Japanese open a facility for medical experiments on Nanking residents?
(a) January.
(b) March.
(c) February.
(d) April.

Short Answer Questions

1. Ono Kenji has co-edited a book on the Nanking massacre, the first work to be based completely on Japanese sources. During what year is the book published?

2. Tanaka Yuki believes that the Japanese army had great potential for brutality for two reasons. What is the first of those two reasons?

3. According to Chang in "The Forgotten Holocaust," what is one of the most sinister parts of Japanese education?

4. One of the diary writers in "What the World Knew" is able to take several reels of film and smuggle them out of Nanking on which date?

5. The US Department of Justice has compiled a list of Japanese war criminals in order to keep those people from entering the country. In what year is the watch list made?

Short Essay Questions

1. Today, the Japanese government takes the position that any wartime reparation issues were dealt with in the San Francisco Peace Treaty in 1952. Why is this position erroneous?

2. Describe the postwar differences between Japan and Germany that have allowed the Rape of Nanking to go largely unnoticed while the Holocaust is acknowledged world wide.

3. What contribution does Dr. Bretton Lee Douglas make to the publication of the book?

4. When news of the atrocities in Nanking finally begin to be published in American magazines, what is the initial public response?

5. Describe Nanking's economic situation after the massacre.

6. Describe what happened to Azuma Shiro, as discussed in "The Forgotten Holocaust."

7. Why is Matsui Iwane's behavior during his war crimes trial so puzzling?

8. What event finally ends the occupation of Nanking, and when does it end?

9. Why do the Japanese encourage narcotic use among the Chinese?

10. How does the outside world get information on the events in Nanking during "What the World Knew"?

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