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Iris Chang
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the American public initially respond when the article entitled "The Sack of Nanking" is published in magazines in the US?
(a) Anger.
(b) Apathy.
(c) Horror.
(d) Disbelief.

2. During the IMTFE trials, the court determines that what ratio of prisoners of war die under the Japanese?
(a) One in twenty-five.
(b) One in three.
(c) All.
(d) One in one hundred.

3. Which of the following newsreel reporters are NOT on board when the USS Panay is attacked?
(a) Eric Mayell.
(b) Normal Alley.
(c) Sandro Sandri.
(d) Jean Marie Lutes.

4. The Epilogue states that some scholars explain the horrors in Nanking and other atrocities by a phenomenon known as what?
(a) Master race mentality.
(b) Uncontrollable rage.
(c) Transfer of oppression.
(d) Mob mentality.

5. Chang's book was helped along by her editor, a woman by the name of what?
(a) Martha Begemann.
(b) Susan Rabiner.
(c) Nancy Tong.
(d) Barbara Masin.

Short Answer Questions

1. By spring of 1938, all BUT WHICH of the following functions have resumed in Nanking?

2. The Japanese also mixed food with which of the following deadly diseases during the invasion?

3. Which of the following individuals is appointed to the position of justice minister, gives an interview stating that the Nanking Massacre is a hoax, and is forced to resign in "The Forgotten Holocaust"?

4. Chang states that during her visit to Nanking, she discovers that reparations from Japan in what amount would make a huge difference for the survivors?

5. "Judgment Day" states that some of the worst atrocities in Nanking are committed by which man, who dies shortly after Japan's surrender?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Emperor Hirohito never face any sort of consequence for his role in the Rape of Nanking or other events during the war?

2. Why are the leaders of the International Safety Zone Committee particularly well-suited to tell the real story of Nanking?

3. Explain the language difficulties Chang faced while finding source material for the book.

4. Why do the Japanese encourage narcotic use among the Chinese?

5. Describe the role of Chang's parents in the writing of this book.

6. Briefly describe the fate of John Rabe after the Nanking massacre.

7. What contribution does Dr. Bretton Lee Douglas make to the publication of the book?

8. Explain Matsui Iwane's philosophy about China as discussed in the Epilogue.

9. Describe the postwar differences between Japan and Germany that have allowed the Rape of Nanking to go largely unnoticed while the Holocaust is acknowledged world wide.

10. Briefly describe the fate of Minnie Vautrin after the Nanking massacre.

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