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Iris Chang
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. By December of 1937, how many Chinese troops populate the area around Nanking?
(a) 10,000.
(b) 60,000.
(c) 20,000.
(d) 90,000.

2. In the Foreword, what is the date given for the fall of Nanking?
(a) December 25.
(b) October 4.
(c) November 8.
(d) December 13.

3. For how long does the most violent part of the Rape of Nanking last?
(a) Twelve months.
(b) Six days.
(c) Seven weeks.
(d) Two years.

4. In "The Nanking Safety Zone," which individual does Chang discuss second?
(a) German merchant.
(b) American missionary professor.
(c) American surgeon.
(d) German businessman.

5. Why do the Japanese soldiers generally kill the women they rape after they've finished?
(a) They don't want to pay the women their fee.
(b) Rape is officially prohibited by military command.
(c) In order to relieve the dishonor for the woman's family.
(d) So that angry husbands won't know who to blame.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the 12th Century, the Samurai became firmly established by which powerful Japanese family?

2. As discussed in "Six Weeks of Horror," Wu Tienwei believes that the actual death toll in Nanking may be what number?

3. After completing their research, authors James Yin and Shi Young believe the Nanking death toll may be what number?

4. Japan succeeded in accomplishing war with China during the summer of which year?

5. Why, according to Kirby, is Ms. Chang's book so important?

Short Essay Questions

1. In "Six Weeks of Horror," why do the Chinese civilians in Nanking initially believe that the Japanese occupation may not be so bad?

2. What are the responses of Japan and China when Nanking falls, as described by William Kirby in the Foreword?

3. According to Chang at the end of "The Nanking Safety Zone," what is chilling about the number of refugees in the Nanking Safety Zone?

4. Describe Matsui Iwane's reaction to the events in Nanking after he was once again well enough to take command of the soldiers.

5. Briefly describe the three different occupations of Nanking.

6. Chang states in the Introduction that the Rape of Nanking surpasses many of the world's most barbaric events. To which events does she refer, and why was Nanking worse?

7. According to the Introduction, in what two ways was Japan's mindset as it set out to conquer neighboring nations similar to the way Nazi Germany's mindset would be a few years later? How are the two tactics related?

8. What factors contribute to the end of Japan's golden era of prosperity, as discussed in "The Path to Nanking"?

9. As the Japanese army begins mass executions in Nanking, what becomes their most pressing problem, and how do they resolve it?

10. As discussed in "Six Weeks of Horror," why will the world never fully understand the psychic toll taken on the women of Nanking, despite best efforts to accurately count the number of rapes?

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